Dr. Yuri Nikolenko, MD, Ph.D

General Medicine Physician, M.D, PhD

General Doctor MD, Ph.D., Dr. Yuri has been a pioneer in Ozone Therapies and Rehabilitation in Cyprus and works closely with leading Russian State Universities on the latest techniques used in Ozone Therapies.
Dr. Yuri has over 30 years of experience and enviable success in his practice. Graduated from Kharkov Medical National University in 1984. He worked as a physician in Kharkov State Hospital and continued his education in Kharkov Postgraduate Education Institute. In 1988 Doctor Yuri Nikolenco started private practice in his Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation in Nicosia, Cyprus. The clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment and offers various types of physiotherapy aimed at treatment and rehabilitation of the patients: ozone therapy, thermography, magnetotherapy, hyperbaric oxygenation and many others.

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13 – 15 Digeni Akritas ave, 2nd floor, Agios Antonios, Nicosia Cyprus




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