Dr. Dr Nedi Zannettou Hadjichristofi, MD Specialist Rheumatologist; Specialist physician

Specialist Physician; Specialist Rheumatologist; special interest in Osteoporosis

Dr Nedi Zannettou Hadjichristofi, did initially specialty in General Medicine – Specialist physician at Medical school of the university of the Witwatersrand JHB General Hospital, Baragwanath Hospital, Hilbrow Hospital. At that time, she also did the specialist physician exams in Athens Greece. After that she did Rheumatology and became a specialist rheumatologist. At completion of her specialty she also did the rheumatology exams in Greece. She worked as a consultant Rheumatologist and senior Lecturer in the academic Hospital of the Medical school of the university of the Witwatersrand for ten years and then she went to Private practice in Johannesburg where she worked for 7 years with special interest in osteoporosis. Overall, she spent 25 years in South Africa before she came back to Cyprus and start working in 2012   in Apollonion. She was one of the main lecturers in the Cyprus society of osteoporosis for the past four years.  Now she moves to AMC (American Medical center) where she will continue her private practice.   


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American Medical Centre . 215,Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, 2047, Strovolos Nicosia.



20, Lefkotheou Avenue, 2054, Strovolos, Nicosia

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