Dr. Κωνσταντίνος Μακρίδης, MD, FESc

Specialist Cardiologist MD, Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology

7.2010: Granted the title of Specialist in Cardiology after succeeding the national Cardiology examinations in Thessaloniki – Greece with honors.

 21.01.2008-11.05.2010: Training in Cardiology as a trainee doctor at the cardiology Department of Nicosia General Hospital in Cyprus.

Training in novel echocardiographic techniques in Onassis Cardiac Center – Athens, Greece

20.09.2006-20.01.2008: Training in Cardiology as a trainee doctor at the cardiology Department of Limassol General Hospital in Cyprus.

20.9.2004 – 19.9.2006: Training in Internal medicine as a trainee doctor at the Internal Medicine Department of Limassol General Hospital (Cyprus).

Training in Carotid Tripplex in Tel Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv-Israel.

19.8.2002-18.8.2003: Pre-registration in internal medicine (6 months) and General Surgery (6 months) in Limassol General Hospital.

2003: Member of the Cypriot Medical Council (Registration No: 03802)

1996-2002 : Graduated from the Medical School of Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki – Greece.  Scholarship by the Scholarship State Foundation of Cyprus.


Advanced Life Support of the European Rescucitation Council.

Participated as a co-ordinator in a survey of the Open University of Cyprus regarding the compliance of doctors with the current European and AHA Guidelines on several issues.

Training in Carotid Artery Tripplex in Tel-Hashomer Tel- Aviv.

Trained in the new trends of echocardiography in Onassis Cardiac Center (Athens-Greece), including Transesophageal Echocardiography, Coronary Flow Reserve, Tissue Doppler Imaging and Strain, as well as Stress Echocardiography.

Trained in contrast perfusion (stress echocardiography) in Royal Brompton Hospital – London.

Member of the humanitarian organization “Medicines Du Monde – Cyprus”, head of the mission to aid the people of Sri Lanka after the tsunami disaster in 2004, and in Kashmir- Pakistan after the earthquake disaster in 2005. Head of the aid mission in refugee camps in Chios (Greece) and Eidomeni (Greece) in 2016.

Co-ordinator and cardiologist of the “Medical Office of the poor” in Cyprus, an office set by the volunteer doctor of Cyprus to give free medical advice and treatment to the poor.

Emergency First Response Instructor


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doi: 10.29328/journal.acr.1001015




Contact Information

Marinou Geroulanou 11, 4154, Kato Polemidia, Limassol, CYPRUS