President’s welcome

A few years ago we set up the Association of Private Physicians in order to contribute with our knowledge and experience to the planned changes in the field of health.

Our only goal was to create a system that provides a high level of service to citizens and offers doctors the opportunity to freely practice their science for the benefit of its patients.

Unfortunately our concerns were verified in a very short time. Is there anyone who doubts that the absence of a supervisory mechanism in the GESY gives an opportunity for abuse, degrades the quality and threatens its viability?

We have never been against creating a health system. We just disagree with the way GESY is implemented, and each of you can have an opinion on how well it meets the needs and requirements of today.

We envisioned a system in which we could all participate in conditions of healthy competition with scrutiny for the benefit of the citizens. A system that everyone will be rewarded for their value and offer, with rules without allowing abuse.

The doctors who were left out of GESY, certainly did not do it for the money as some believed, since it was proved beyond any doubt that the amounts that GESY pays to its doctors are unreal.

The refusal of doctors to participate has to do with the way the system works that no one can guarantee its viability.

It is clear that by law the practice of private medicine within the GESY (the payment of any amount except the supplements of 6 and 25 euros to a system doctor for system services) is prohibited and the public must not allow the exploitation. If the citizens want private medicine then they should turn to the private doctors who were left out of GESY.

Private medicine in Cyprus has contributed greatly to having as a country one of the highest indicators of health in Europe.

The evolution of medicine in Cyprus is due exclusively to the existence of the private sector. Everyone's path is known and relationships with patients are relationships of trust and devotion.

People choose our doctors and will continue to do so because there is quality and immediate response.

The creation and development of the private sector was done with serious investments, years of effort and if it survives it is because it has learned to evolve and adapt to the needs of patients.

A system is highlighted by its quality characteristics and nothing else. A system becomes better only when there are conditions of healthy competition. Quality is to have equipped hospitals, with intensive care units, trained staff where patients are served without waiting times.

We are confident that with the help of our partners, private insurance companies, private hospitals and the thousands of patients who choose and support private doctors, we will become better by constantly upgrading our services.

Our mission is to serve patients with quality and consistency.

Thank you,

Dr. Haris Armeftis
President of the Cyprus Association of Private Physicians